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Certainly my best shot of a moose cow ever! What a thrill of a lifetime. Things out in the sticks of rural Alaska are certainly serene and definitely surreal. Animals are very trusting and not very wary if you're uber respectful and not jackasses like most folks are. Taken in Haines, Alaska. I was laying on my back, on a still as death. A curious and starving Mama moose cow came to right up to me for a close-up inspection, sniff and nudge...all for a few cookies and some bread I had in my bag. I was lucky to have my camera that day!!! She hung out with me for quite awhile. It Was Awesome!!! *** NOW a word to the wise...PLEASE don't EVER attempt this*** Although amazing, it was pretty foolish- I've been up here for about 20+ years on and off and have learned a thing or 2 about bush living and a SERIOUS respect of Alaskan wildlife, BUT pictures aren't worth a dented-in head and being booted like a football 100 yards, no matter how cool they may turn-out!!!***
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